Thoughts on Locktober 2021

Special thanks as always to Mistress Charlotte, who – in exchange for the wonderful experience of ruining me – decided this would be the week’s blog topic. 💜

So! October is just around the corner. And for many of the sluts out there (Yes, I’m looking at you, slut (No, not you, Mistress!)) that means it’s just about Locktober. For those not in the know, the premise is simple – seeing as how desperate sluts can’t help but touch their dicks near-constantly, their brave and supportive Dommes make the heroic decision to deny them that option for the month, whether through mental chastity or from actually locking their cocks up all October.

(That’s my view on it, anyway.)

Now, up until a few months ago I didn’t really care much about chastity one way or the other. It was fun to watch from the sidelines, especially around this time of year – Dommes writing up chastity contracts for their slaves, or handing out tasks and teases for their subs all month long. But honestly, that was about as far as the appeal of Locktober went for me – it wasn’t something I really wanted to take part in myself. However, ever since Mistress told me she found the thought of me all locked up rather hot, I’ve suddenly developed a keen interest in the whole thing! (Recommended reading: How I Became A Locked Up Slut)

I’ve sort of got a few emotions going through my head about it, I think. I’m confident I’ll be able to last the month – not to brag, but I have spent the majority of the past three-ish months locked up. And I assumed that would carry over through into Locktober:

But a couple of weeks ago, Mistress told me to unlock and put the cage away for a while (which I now know was to make chastity feel new all over again in time for Locktober! Isn’t she thoughtful? 💜). And despite how much I agree with her that chastity IS pretty hot on me, I’ve also been rather enjoying my freedom since then – so there’s a little bit of a feeling of apprehension about what it’s going to feel like to lock myself back up for her.

But, then again… isn’t that sort of the point? Chastity may be good, and right, and true – it may even be necessary to stop slutty little puppies touching their dicks every five minutes. But it’s also meant to be frustrating – despite how hot it is, it’s literally designed to suppress pleasure. Sure, the frustration of not being able to touch may peak early on, but with time I’m sure it’ll reduce to a manageable background level feeling – always there, but never so strong as to take me over completely, instead focusing me solely onto Mistress’s pleasure, forcing me to get satisfaction in my service to her – because you know I won’t be getting any from anywhere else. The pure bliss of obedience fully replacing the meagre pleasure of being able to touch – service and submission becoming my new normal.

That’s one possibility, of course. Another is that my whore-brain will be driven completely mad with slut-thoughts and unreachable desires. The plastic cage, the numbered lock – they may as well be titanium, for how much their presence weighs on my mind. Every move I make, every slightly arousing thing I see, every errant twitch as another horny fantasy blossoms into full view in my mind – they all serve as powerful reminders of what I am – a locked-up slut for my Mistress. A slave who’d do anything if she said it was hot – a horny puppy who literally can’t stop touching his dick without her intervention. The unchecked lust just building and building until I’m practically insensate with need, drooling and begging like a wanton whore just to feel something, anything – and then being denied. The month isn’t over yet, after all.

Either way, I’m certain it’ll be fun for Mistress.

And THAT is what really matters, here. My feelings on chastity aren’t quite irrelevant, but they aren’t enough to really change anything either – if she wants her property to be locked up, then that’s just how it is, how it will be, how it must be. She may even choose not to stop at Locktober – No Touching November, Denial December… I’m certain you could alliterate the entire year if you tried hard enough. She’s the one in charge, though, is the point – the long distance doesn’t reduce her power, doesn’t somehow put control into my hands. I’m merely the vessel through which she channels her desires – what she wants, I want just as much. Control, power, thinking for myself… The ability to access this dick whenever I feel like it. These things just aren’t for me, any more.

Chastity is the perfect representation of that status, I feel. To surrender something personal, give up control of your own cock – literally locking it away! – could only be the action of owned slave property. It really secures me in the mental state of being her conscious object – no need for free will, or anything that isn’t submissive obedience, only receiving pleasure when she sees fit to make use of me. Like there’s a cage around not only my slut-dick, but my slut-mind as well, keeping me from accessing it without my Mistress’s permission, and operating on service slave auto-pilot until she unlocks it – capable of nothing but acting for her pleasure by default, only able to support and spoil her as she desires.

All in all, I’m very excited (and a little nervous) (but mostly excited) to see what Locktober brings! I’m pretty in the dark on specific details – I tried to get a couple of hints for you all of what I’ll be in for, but…

Mistress shows her true colours! (They’re the same as her normal colours – tormenting me.)

…no dice. Still, I know it’ll involve me locked up and her amusement, and that’s good enough for me.

Dommes, subs – do you have any plans for your Locktober? Feel free to drop them in the comments or on Twitter! I’d love to hear what you’ve got coming up.

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