First Encounters of the Tranced Mind

Special thanks as ever to Mistress Charlotte – for everything, anything, always. (But specifically for suggesting this blog topic.)

So! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the last few posts on here. But now, it’s time for something a little different. Today, we’ll be doing a bit of a retrospective, and looking at my first experiences with Mistress Charlotte’s hypnosis. So let me take you back, back to the distant past of… uh, like 2015 maybe? To be honest, a lot of this stuff is lost to time, so it might not be the most precise history lesson… Still, I hope you enjoy!

This story actually begins a little before that – a couple of years, even. Our hero, a young horndog uni student, is trawling the internet, looking for… well, you know what students are like. Probably porn of some description. Anyway, after searching around for a while, he comes across mention of something new and exciting, and maybe a little bit scary.

He reads the phrase “erotic hypnosis”.

At the time, this was something completely new to me. I don’t even remember if I was into femdom proper at this point, but something about the idea of hypno really spoke to me. Especially earlier on, it all just seemed so magical – you’re telling me I can just listen to this and have a hands-free orgasm? Impossible. Incredible! I loved it. And while I never ended up getting an HFO to work for me, it was the idea that started me on my continuing journey into the world of hypno. First a few files from one artist, then branching out into more and more, finding new artists, new concepts that really appealed to me.

(This was still early on, so most of the ideas that spoke to me were “sexy lady says hot things in your ear” or “sexy lady DOES hot things to you… but you’re tied down!!! :o”. The femdom angle wasn’t… all the way there yet.)

And then, one day, after maybe a year or two (?) or listening to hypno semi-regularly, I come across a site I hadn’t heard of before.

A site by the name of Spiral Seductions.

For the non-hypnofans out there – let me give a brief summary.

At the time, Spiral Seductions was a site run by two hypnodommes, each with their own files hosted there. There was the ever-lovely Ember Larimar, who still runs the site to this day. And there was, of course, the incomparable Charlotte Gray, who eventually left the site to set up her own one, Lace Libertine.

There were a few things that initially drew me to the site – people on “the nets” seemed very impressed with their work, they had a HUGE range of files between them, in all sorts of genres – they even had some Double Domme sessions, which was a mindblowingly hot concept to me. But the biggest thing of all? The majority of their files were FREE. They still are, even! And, as a poor uni student, “free” is one of the sexiest words there is.

Now, like I said, there were a LOT of files put before me, here. All promising to do various things to my mind, my dick, my life. I can’t remember for SURE which one I went for… but I think it would have been Mistress Charlotte’s Femme Fatalism.

Looking at it, I can see why Femme Fatalism would have appealed to a Morgan who wasn’t yet so deeply into the femdom, D/s, kink world. The description is appealing to a less experienced mind, promising masturbation (which is always good, right? How could it hurt?) with a hint of the predetermination, “this is going to happen” angle that I had wanted HFOs to be. Other than that, though… It seems almost vanilla, on the face of it.

Straight away, I knew this was something different. I heard that voice, her voice, calling me “sweetness” – but I also heard her in the background, talking about… atoms? Science? Famous New Zealander Ernest Rutherford? Even now it still sort of pulls my brain in two – I can only imagine how open my mind would have been back then, hearing it for the first time, so many words slipping in unnoticed, creeping into my subconscious to do who-knows-what.

As it went on, and the induction brought me so far down, I can imagine myself lying there, deep in trance. Hearing her telling me how to breathe, how to relax, how to drop down for her. And then, once I was well and truly under, hearing her saying all these things about submission to her (“you want to please me, don’t you.”), obedience beneath her (“in your rightful place”), and how she was going to make it hurt… so… good. It was all very eye-opening (although my eyes would have long-since been firmly closed). Knowing that this was not by force, or coercion, or anything – that I had chosen this obedience – as she said, “I want you to want to give up control to me”. Just that idea – of handing over control, accepting that things aren’t up to me any more… It still sends shivers somewhere deep and dark.

What REALLY stuck in the folds of my mind, though – still there to this day, in fact – was hearing her telling me exactly what I am.

“Because you’re such a good boy,”

“Such a wonderful slave,”

“Such a filthy slut,”

It’s kind of hard to imagine, looking back from a place where it can happen multiple times a day – but I don’t think I’d ever been called a slut before that. Good boy and slave had come up, maybe – but never a slut, and never a sweetness. It… well, it did something to me, that’s for sure. Made me realise that I wanted to be this thing, that I could, despite never having done anything kinky, or really much of anything – because she said so, didn’t she? And if I did want to please her (I did) and I did want to give up control (also true), then perhaps being an obedient slut is exactly what I needed. Which… well, look at me now. Clearly it had some long-reaching repercussions!

This was all helped significantly by the forced stroking, I think. Building the most fundamental link between feeling good and the filthy fantasies she was putting into my head – teaching my unconscious mind how wonderful it feels to be a controlled, submissive, dirty little whore for someone. It, uh… it worked. I don’t think I made it to climax, in the end – but just the thought of it, of getting to that peak of pleasure, cresting over it, and then continuing stroking anyway… I had mostly been focusing on the pleasure angle of everything, before I listened to this – but I knew that if it came to it, I would obey. I would hurt. I would suffer, for her amusement, because she wanted it. And she was in control.

I… was just a slave for her pleasure.

This wasn’t just an experience for me, where I might hear some nice words and get off at the end. This was brainwashing – revealing hidden truths that even I never knew about, turning a curious desire into a desperate need to be debased, used, abused… Brought to my knees, in complete submission to someone who deserves it. My control, my power… Don’t they just look so much nicer in her hands?

All in all… it was one hell of a start. I began listening to more and more of Mistress’s hypno files after that. I was still exploring Ember’s works on Spiral Seductions, and still listening to other dommes too – but Mistress Charlotte started becoming my first choice when I wanted my mind truly fucked. I kept falling deeper and deeper into her words, until one fateful Valentine’s Day, when I sent her my first ever tribute, in appreciation for all her work.

But that, I think, is a story for another day. Thanks for reading! 💜

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