Submissive and Breedable

This blog idea sponsored by Mistress Charlotte – that, and more than a few of the fantasies detailed later on. What’s the opposite of “submissive and breedable”? “Dominant and virile”? Well, that’s her.

So, in June of… wait, *this* year? 2021?? This only started a couple months ago???

Christ, the linear progression of time strikes again. That, or I spend WAY too much time on Twitter. (It’s both, isn’t it.)

Anyway, in June 2021, the following tweet was posted:

This sparked a number of things among the denizens of the internet, not least of which being a shitload of art of femboys getting railed, and a wave of “submissive and breedable” memes and variants.

What it DIDN’T spark, is any kinks in me.

…at least, I thought so, anyway.

Fast-forward to yesterday, late August 2021. I scroll past yet another tweet about being submissive and breedable, and decide to make a little tweet of my own, with a bit of a kink twist. Fun, right? What could possibly go wrong.

Now, this isn’t a kink I’ve ever explored, or talked about, or really done anything with – as far as I was aware, I didn’t even know I had it. It’s come up in plenty of hentai manga, of course, but always from the POV of the giver, rather than the receiver, and mostly in the form of the classic X-ray cumshot and a couple words about the risk surrounding someone getting creampied. So it was a little surprising that even as I was writing the tweet, I was getting a little hot under the collar. But that’s normal, right? I was using some hot words, plus the tweet was about a Morgan getting a bit too excited about it anyway, so it’s all fine! Right? I didn’t just give myself a new kink from this dumb meme, right?!

And then, Mistress saw it.

“Oh, boy” was right.

Now, before we get TOO carried away with horny energy- oh, yeah, right, I should mention – this is going to be another exceedingly horny blog post. But BEFORE that, let’s just get this straight – I’m a cis dude. My equipment really isn’t designed for getting bred – quite the opposite, in fact (when it’s not locked away in chastity, anyway…). The reality of any of this is biologically improbable, to say the least, a fantasy even among fantasies. But! If you’re a Domme with a strap, or a sub with a dick, and this strikes a chord with you, all I can really say is: don’t worry too much about it, and try not to think about it too hard. Just have some fun with it! I promise it’s just as hot, if not moreso, than the real thing. Besides, technology is getting better every day, so… Who knows what could happen?

Anyway, right. So, Mistress saw the tweet. And honestly, as soon as I saw her response, I knew I was in trouble. But did she stop there?

Did she hell.

A few minutes later, she was in DMs to tease the fuck out of me. I shan’t kiss and tell (fuck and tell? (GET fucked and tell??)), but suffice to say…

Everything she was saying – it was doing things to me. And she knew that – loved knowing that. But best/worst of all, as she kept reminding me – I was the one who brought this up. It had had nothing to do with her. I had loaded the gun, put it in her hands, and blindfolded myself – how could I be surprised when she started firing? It seemed that one way or another, my kinks were getting a new sibling (ha).

I don’t even know what it is exactly that I like about it. I suppose it’s a combination of everything? I mean, for a start – getting held down and fucked is… Well, you read Obliterated, you know my thoughts on it. It’s just a good time for all involved. The pinnacle of bottom-oriented activities. So why not take it that step further? She’s already pounding away into me, overpowering me, ravaging me… She’s driving my face into the ground – if she wants to grab my hips, hilt herself deep inside, and pump me full of cum, what am I really going to do about it except moan like a bitch in heat?

And when I say pump full, that’s not necessarily a horny exaggeration. See, that’s one of the benefits of being railed by a woman with a hard, fat, THICK- ahem.

(OK, it’s still a little bit horny.)

See, that’s one of the benefits of being railed by a woman with a strap-on – refractory period? Average ejaculation size? Never heard of them. She can go as long as she wants, as hard as she wants – pouring more and more and more into me, stuffing me completely full with liquid weight, giving me a little belly bump as she fucks me insensate, tongue lolling out of my mouth. Hot and sticky as it leaks out of me, overflowing as she pulls her cock out, the excess waterfalling to the ground as I strain to keep my ass up in slut position, ready for her, where it should be.

Now, this is where things get wild. All of the above is still theoretical, sure, but it COULD happen. We’re about to head into full-on fantasy territory, so… strap in. See, getting pumped full and sloppy is only one part – it’s what happens after that makes it really interesting. It’s feeling all of that gooey, messy seed take root somewhere deep inside, knowing that I’ve just been signed up for a nine-month commitment. Knowing that I’ve just been mated – like the little breeding bitch I am. It simply doesn’t get much more submissive than this. Feeling my belly slowly swell, day after day, as I bring the spawn of our depraved little union into the world. I imagine her fuckings wouldn’t be any less intense during this period – she knows exactly how much we can take – but perhaps reach around with a possessive hand to feel what she’s sowed in my belly, getting all soft and round beneath her grip. Whispering in my ear about how she’s just going to knock me up all over again, and how I’ll thank her for it every time, knowing that this is exactly what I need.

And after all’s said and done, and the messy business of childbirth is dealt with – I bet she would. She’d do it again, and again, and again. Breeding me like livestock, over and over, ensuring that my body gets used to its new natural state, little more than an incubator for her spawn. Barefoot and pregnant in her kitchen, a good little permanent house-husband, who knows his place and knows his role is solely to please and provide for her – my hole a sheath for her cock, my belly a tank for her cum, my body to be used as she wishes, a spawning ground for her children. Addicted to the pleasure of being claimed and marked so thoroughly, of feeling my body change and blossom to better support the life blooming within me. Perhaps she’d rent me out to other Dommes who see me as good breeding stock, using my sluthole as a little side business, loaning me out like you would any other object.

But.. I suspect she wouldn’t. I like to imagine she’d keep me all to herself – hers to take, to use, to breed so fully and completely that it’s like I never knew anything else. A breedable hole to be pounded, and ravaged, and railed… Impaled balls-deep on her dick, babbling and begging for her cum, until she finally lets go and just fills me, her seed whiting out my hole as the pleasure of being knocked up whites out my mind. Only after another few loads, once she’s certain that it’s taken, would she release me, dropping me unceremoniously face-first onto the ground, landing in a pool of her hot sticky spunk. Sluthole gaped and sloppy from her massive dildo (did she pick one of the Bad Dragon ones this time?), eyes rolling back into my head, and all I can do is thank her for making me such a breed-hungry slut, as I feel the beautiful cycle of life begin within me once again.

Like this, only inside a breed-whore.

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