Be Kind, Re…view?

If you’re reading this, it seems decently likely that you know a pro Domme in some capacity. Maybe you follow some on Twitter, perhaps you’re happily owned (🙋‍♂️) – you might even BE a pro Domme yourself! (If so, then… hi! 😳). Now, pro Dommes are many and varied, with all sorts of different lifestyles, ways of domination, everything! But there’s a few things they all have in common:

  • They’re all dominant.
  • They’re all beautiful.
  • They’re all incredible, wonderful people.

I’ve learned that there’s one other thing they have in common, though: they all love it when you review their content. So in today’s post, I’ll be talking a little about that. I hope you enjoy it!

So, what am I talking about when I say “reviewing Dommes’ content”? Well, like I said before – there are many different types of Dommes in this world. For a start, it depends on what sort of content your Domme creates – and then, where it’s posted. For instance, when giving ratings on audio files posted to Niteflirt, it’s as simple as a thumbs-up/thumbs-down, with an extra little text field for any written feedback you want to include. Other dedicated sites, such as @Amethyst_Hypno‘s, or @HypnoticHaylee‘s, have their own built-in review systems, where you can leave a name, star rating, and brief description of your experience.

Note: I’ll be focusing on hypno/audio stuff in this, as that’s what I’m more familiar with. For video/clip sites, I had assumed that the bigger ones, the likes of IWantClips or Clips4Sale, would have review systems in place – but after taking a look it seems like they don’t? They seem to rely on sales figures to determine what’s popular. There’s certainly merit to that when it comes to meeting the reasons for leaving feedback in the first place, but for the rest of this I’ll be talking more about the traditional review-style feedback.

So, why leave a review in the first place? You’re a busy person/slut/object, I’m sure you’ve got plenty of other things to be doing/fucking/used as. You can’t be expected to write up an essay on every single Domme-related purchase you make! And, well, no, of course not, nobody’s asking you to. A review doesn’t need to be huge – just a couple of sentences really, saying whether or not you liked it, and why. It only takes a few minutes – especially if you write it while the experience is still fresh in your mind! – and conveys a number of wonderful benefits!

For one, it gives a clearer indication on what sort of content her listeners/viewers/readers/whatever enjoy. Say a Domme releases two new clips – one on the multi-faceted joys of being a cuckold, and another on how chastity is the only right and true place for all slave boys. A few months down the line, she’s wondering what to release next, and goes to check out the feedback for some ideas. Nothing there, so she figures “oh, what the hell” and releases another chastity file. Little did she know, her audience were all huge cucks! It sounds obvious, and I guess it is, but if you leave positive reviews on the things you like, your Domme may just take them as a sign to make more of that thing!

Another bonus is that it gives prospective purchasers more information to go on when browsing through her offerings. Purchasing a new file can be a big thing, and while the Domme’s description usually gives an excellent idea of what to expect, seeing positive responses from other people – people who may be just like you! – can really help determine whether something is worth the effort or not. Even not-so-positive reviews – if a heavy objectification fan didn’t think something was for them, but you tend to play on the lighter side, it could be perfect for you!

And finally, and some would argue most importantly, it lets the Domme know that her content is liked/appreciated. I’ve spent enough time reading Dommes’ tweets to know that things aren’t always going super-smoothly for them in the ol’ SW world – and while I’ve obviously never been a Domme myself, I DO know that whenever I get a little notification or a brief word telling me someone enjoys what I do, it pretty much makes my day. A little positive feedback could be just the thing your Domme needs to cheer her up, and all for free!

One more thing to note – I’m certainly not going to tell you not to leave negative reviews, but if you do – please make sure they’re negative for the right reasons. I’ve seen reviews left where if the person had actually read the description of what they were buying, they’d have known what they were getting into. Negative reviews can have pretty bad consequences on file sales, so don’t use them to complain that the therapist in your file about unethical therapy wasn’t very ethical.

To sum up, then, the benefits are many and varied, and well outweigh the cost of a few minutes (if that!). Even if it doesn’t feel like it, I promise it makes more of a difference than you think it does. Give it a go! ❤

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