Gagging For It

This was originally one big post along with Be Kind, Re…view? – but I realised I had more to say here than I thought, and it was kind of detracting from the “less horny” angle of that post. Now you get this in full horny mode! Enjoy!

Now, a bit of background: after the events of this tweet, we did a bit of fun chatting, which took a turn when Mistress had a bit of an existential crisis after, well…

Disaster strikes.

Now, after this, I MAY have teased her with the infamous “You. Here. Now.” tumblr dom gif.
You know, this guy!

That led to me teasingly calling her (or him, the crypto enthusiast twin) Daddy, with me as his submissive girlfriend. I was summarily punished for doing something so cursed, she reminded me I’ve proven I can deepthroat with the best, and then we kept talking about me going down on her beautiful purple strap. I brought up the idea of getting a POV shot of me with my throat full of dildo, she quite liked the sound of that, and told me to do it, listening to Suck It as inspiration.

Now, first of all, let me just say – if you’re looking for something to use as inspiration to get a nice POV deepthroat shot, this certainly does wonders. I do enjoy a bit of rough treatment to remind me of my place, and the way Mistress describes every inch (🍆👀) of the action here is pure bliss. In the past, before I was owned, I never gave much consideration to going down on a strap-on. It was only once I bought my first dildo and tried out some experimental deepthroating that I realised how arousing it could be, how… exciting. To feel that something deep inside give way to this intruder… Mmm. I enjoyed more than I expected – and got pretty alright at it too, if I do say so myself. And all self-taught – I’ve yet to have that hole properly fucked.

This, though… This is different. This isn’t about my ability to merely go down on a strap, to lick and tease for her amusement, gradually ramping myself up to getting it all the way home. This is about being taken, about being used. Not exactly uncommon with me, I know, but every way of being used is different, though. This isn’t the same as hypno, my mind going blank and empty at her words. This isn’t even the same as getting pegged, every thrust eliciting another moan as the strap presses that little pleasure-button every slut has inside. There’s something more forceful about this – getting properly facefucked, skullfucked, throatfucked. Held in place, her length down my throat, with my lips spread thin around the hilt of her thick, pretty, purple strap. A mouth has so many uses, normally – breathing, talking, eating, etc. – but when she so desires, it’s nothing but another hole, hers for the taking. When you’re getting fucked, normally, there’s not too much to consider, in the grand scheme. Cock goes in, you moan – you know the drill. Here, though – the very act of doing the fucking is making a choice. It’s breathing, or her cock – and she has so very kindly done the work of deciding for me which one is more important.

I can replicate some of that with my own dildo, of course. I can feel it slide its way past my lips and into my mouth, feel that something give way in my throat as it slots into place, like that’s what it was made for. Feel the spasming of my throat as I try to suppress my gag reflex, feel the arousal building as I take shaky breaths through my nose. Hear myself gag and splutter and choke around the solidity of it all… I can do all this alone. But my own hand on the back of my head is a poor substitute for her grip, keeping me in place and forcing me deeper. When I look up, eyes tearing up somewhat, I won’t see her looking down with a wicked smile on her face. It just isn’t the same as being taken, used, fucked like that, having my untouched throat claimed as territory for her cock. An obedient little cock-sheath for her to stuff full.

But, this is why we practice! So that one day, when the time is right, I’ll be able to drop to my knees and take her length into me without issue. Hopefully, by that point, strap-on technology will have advanced enough where she’ll actually be able to feel it! I can picture it now – waiting on my knees for her to get home after work, the shiver running down my spine as I see her head straight for the toy cupboard. A slave gagging and spluttering around her cock is just the thing to take the edge off after a long, hard day. Aren’t I a romantic? 😘

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