On today’s very special episode, I do a bit of an introspective look on showing off, what it means in regards to sluttery, and why exactly I seem to enjoy it so much. Join me, won’t you? (This blog topic was suggested by the ever-lovely Mistress Charlotte.)

So, just last night, I was inspired to send a couple of rather slutty photos to my Mistress. One of me collared and kneeling, leash held in my mouth, as if to say “let’s play!”, the other me in ‘slut position’ – on my knees, hands behind my back, forehead pressed into the ground, ready to be taken and used as she likes. These were completely unprompted – she’s given me free rein to be the whore I am with her (💜), and I happen to know it pleases her to see me slutting around. As her pleasure is basically my life’s work at this point, I try and keep a somewhat steady supply of SlutPics™ heading her way.

Sometimes they amuse, sometimes they lead to further sluttery, or her talking about what a slave whore I am… It’s always a good result, though, so I’m always happy to do it. This time, though, she responded back with something that really gave me pause for thought:

A minor self-revelation and a blog topic all in one – isn’t she great?

Now, this was interesting to me. If you know me in real life (and if you’re reading this and your name doesn’t rhyme with ‘Schmarlotte Schmay’, then I hope to God you don’t), then you’d know I’m a pretty quiet, rather shy kind of person. I’m not very outgoing at all – showing off doesn’t really come naturally to me (or so I thought!). So to hear this from someone who knows my heart better than anyone – better than I do, sometimes – could she be onto something?

I will just say – I don’t think I’m a full-on exhibitionist. Fantasies of being used in public, of being taken for walkies (the tail in my heart wagged just to type this!) – yes, absolutely. And I have worn my collar outside once or twice on request, hopefully(!) hidden away under a shirt collar, but… Well, idk. Maybe it’s a consent thing, not wanting to involve random members of the public in kinks they didn’t sign on for? It’s tough to say, but I do feel like maybe I wouldn’t have the same objections to “performing” around a crowd of like-minded people.

A lot of the show-offery, I think, began around the time chastity did. Not that I hadn’t sent her anything before – a collared pup on his knees, a broken-brained whore, drool falling from an open-mouth gag as headphones pump filthy fantasies into his mind… But sending twice-daily dick pics as chastity verification means I got much more accustomed to sending sexy photos in general – and having more toys to play with, in the puppy hood and tail, means more things to show off with. More things that I can look over with a happy little sigh, knowing they’re here for the sole reason of letting her tease me from the other side of the world.

That’s another part of it, too, I suppose – showing things off as proof, if it were ever needed, that I’ve obeyed a task, that I’m hers. Like, she’s not giving me these tasks for my benefit (not JUST my benefit, anyway, although I do of course benefit from obedience) – this is something she wants her property to do, something to amuse herself with. Of course she can trust that I’ve done whatever she asked, but the technology’s there to show her – why not? And if I’m going to be doing it anyway, I may as well play it up a little, right?

Take the other night, for instance – the events I hinted at in this tweet:

A public apology from your favourite slut – I shan’t underestimate Mistress again.

See, Mistress had another look at The Life of a Slutty Puppy, and she took umbrage with me suggesting what she could and could not use on me due to distance, re: the leash I bought.

Lesson learned – a puppy should never underestimate his Mistress.

Now, at no point did she actually ask me to send her proof that I’d done this – she had no reason to assume I wouldn’t, and I as a puppy had no reason to disobey – but I still sent one showing off my puppy-ness anyway. I am, after all, only a puppy because she says so – so it stands to reason she’d like to see it, right?

*Fire emoji* indeed.

Well, she did, for the record, and I ended up sending follow-ups of me drinking from my puppy bowl and chasing my puppy tail – at her request, this time. I won’t be sharing them here – you’ll have to check my OnlyFans for that (just kidding) (unless…?).

Such a generous Mistress, even to a slutty lil pup!

So, there’s a couple of reasons why I enjoy showing myself off – sometimes because it’s fun to play with toys I’ve acquired for slut purposes, sometimes because she wants to see proof of that same sluttishness, sometimes just because I know she enjoys seeing me as I am, her obedient whore. It seems a little… presumptuous, to say that, though? Like I said, I’m not the most outgoing, nor the most self-confident, so to say “Heh, yeah, she likes it 😏” feels VERY weird sometimes. But, well, I wouldn’t be where I am if she didn’t.

And that’s a huge confidence boost, honestly. It took me a while to stop second-guessing when I sent her things – “I hope this isn’t too crude”, etc. But knowing that she’s given me carte blanche to be slutty, because that’s what she wants to see from me, is a lovely reassurance. I would never have been able to do half the things I’ve done over the past two years without knowing that!

In closing, then, I guess I really do enjoy showing off for her! It’s fun to objectify myself (no, not like THAT) (although, yes, also like that) for her. It’s kinda hot to know that someone else is enjoying my sluttery. Ultimately, I think, I like it because I just want to be a good toy, a slave she can be the proud Mistress of. And if I can show myself off to her, perhaps she could happily show me off to her own friends. The same way you’d show off any object you particularly enjoyed. “Look at this absolute fucking slut!” – but in, like, an endearing, appreciative way.

What, you thought I’d write this whole thing without showing off at least a little? 😘

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