Thank you, Mistress

[Originally written on September 29th 2020]

Mistress, when you gave me the instruction this morning to perform a task, I thought that if I wanted a write-up that would really please you, it would be more exciting to have it feature multiple tasks. So that’s what I did! When I got out of bed, the first thing I did was get down on my knees – my rightful place, where I should be, where I NEED to be before you – and recite my Mantra of Mindlessness (Lose Your Mind):

I am mindless for Charlotte,
I am empty and blank.
My thoughts belong to her,
To erase as she pleases.

Straight away, I could feel it putting me in the right mindset for the rest of the day – empty, obedient, mindless, blank, merely a toy for you. Exactly how your slave should be (needs to be).

Then I found a spare shoelace – the closest thing to a ribbon I had on hand – and tied up my balls nice and tight (Gift Wrapped) so that there would be no chance of escape (I could never escape you, and I would never want to). The tactile sensation of feeling your tight grip on your property, unrelenting and ceaseless as the day went on, kept me in a strange combination of incredibly focused (on your property) and also very distracted (from everything else).
This was only amplified by my lack of underwear (Secret Slut), which also kept me in a lovely feedback loop, as follows:

  1. “This feels really nice, I must be a real slut.”
  2. “Wait, am I really that much of a slut? I know that’s what the task’s called, but I don’t really do anything that slutty…”
  3. “You jerked off and snapped a picture of it in the work bathroom, you wanton whore, you desperate addicted slut.”
  4. general bliss feelings, back to #1

Once I was all, let’s say “set up for the day”, the first thing I did was grab that very same slutty, useless dick (it only exists to make it that much easier for you to control me) and edge myself for five minutes (On The Edge), knowing after all that you like me best when I’m so squirmy and desperate and mindlessly horny for you. Naturally I kept this up every hour (conveniently I had already taken today off work!). Over the course of the day, I alternated my focus between pictures of you and reading back over some of our hottest conversations, making sure to keep you at the forefront of my mind and further cement that the only pleasure I deserve comes from pleasing you. At a few points throughout the day I also repeated my Mantra of Mindlessness at the same time, in case I wasn’t empty and blank enough for you (it will never be enough, a toy is designed to take it and always need more).

Throughout the day I was also keeping an ear out for any “Morgan, would you mind…” or “Morgan, could you…” (Femme Supreme). I’m not really the kind of person to say “no, do it yourself” anyway, but there was a certain thrill in knowing that I would not turn down anything that was asked of me, no matter what. (For the record: three baskets of wood for the fire (and maintaining it throughout the day), vacuuming the house, and resetting all the clocks after an overnight power cut.) It’s ironic – the most interesting things that I could be asked to do would probably come from you, and you’re the one person I could never hope to disobey anyway (I would never even want to, being your obedient slutty little slave toy is everything to me).

The combination of all of these left me in quite the state of the rest of the day. You made me, Mistress – I exist because it pleases you, and I serve because it would be unimaginable to do otherwise. Your happiness means everything to me – your pleasure is paramount, always and all ways. I would do anything if it would make you smile – obey any order, if it would turn you on. You are Superior, and I thank you every day for taking unto yourself my submission, my power, my control. It all belongs to you. I belong to you.

So after a day of, essentially, mindless edging to thoughts like those, how did I end it? After a final Mantra, I got undressed (I still stayed Gift Wrapped though) and got into bed, ready to be BrainFucked into oblivion as your horny hypno-slut. I made sure to put your collar on beforehand, to make it absolutely clear what I am (your slave) and where I belong (on my knees at your feet). Starting with Dismantled and then Where you Belong, I then had a French title double feature, with Raison d’Etre and finally l’Objet d’Art.

Feeling your words drip into my mind, as I hear the voice I love so much tell me who I belong to, all the different ways in which I serve your pleasure, the reasons for my existence – it is an experience only surpassed by hearing it from you live. Your grip growing tight around my balls as your desires permeate my being – your collar catching a gulp in my throat as you say my name – the full-body shivers as you tell me that I need to be controlled and enslaved – these are the signatures you have carved into my soul. Proof if ever it were needed that I will never disobey, that I will always strive to please, that I will continue to offer up to you all that I am, and all that which you deserve. You are everything to me, Mistress Charlotte, and I will be forever grateful to you for that. Thank you.

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