[Originally written on December 21st 2020]

I think we can agree that jerking off at work is pretty fucked up, right? To completion, no less – the pinnacle of pleasure, crammed into a bathroom stall. But even if this is the act of a slut, you could sort of forgive them, maybe, right? Just a dumb little whore, mind all blanked out and fucked away by a beautiful, powerful Mistress – well, it was bound to happen.

But twice? To have felt the post-orgasmic realisation of “what the fuck did I just do” colour my face, to have rejoined my colleagues with the knowledge of how dirty, filthy, absolutely slutty to the core I am, to understand that I am yet to reach the limits of my depravity, that I crave being ordered around and bossed about so dearly I don’t know what I wouldn’t do…

To have experienced all that, and then done it again?

I mean, what else could that be, but the sign of a completely enslaved little slut? Owned, obedient, objectified, not only willing but eager to follow any order, any suggestion – anything that made you happy, because that is my purpose. I was made to be your devoted whore, your mindless toy, your fucked up slut.

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