[Originally written June 26th 2020]

I talk a lot about being owned by her, or being her property, but what does that actually mean?

You could say that it’s just “doing what I’m told”, and certainly that’s part of it. Ever since I was made this way, few things are as satisfying as checking a notification to see a new command, orders to be acted upon with both swiftness and precision.

You could say that it’s about subservience, and that too is a large part of it – it’s inherently a relationship where one holds more power than the other, and I am more than happy to be that other for her. To kneel at her feet is simply the way of things.

You could say that it’s about control, or worship – how she is constantly on my mind, how I am always thinking of ways to be pleasing to her, how I so dearly want to provide her with a life of comfort and bliss.

You could say that it’s just fucking hot, and you would be so very, very right.

To me, being hers is about all of these things, and more. It’s about checking in without trying to serve my own needs. It’s about appreciation, and respect, and trust. It’s about gifts and tribute for no particular reason. It’s about pleasant conversations and learning new things. It’s about having my brain fucked out. It’s about being a mindless toy. It’s about being a filthy slut. It’s whatever she wants it to be, because I want what she wants.

Because I worship her.
I belong to her.
I am hers.
I am her property.
And property merely obeys.

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