[Originally written on December 2nd 2020]

Non-custom customs are truly such a wonderful idea. I know we’ve talked about them before, how they remove that pesky angle of “here’s exactly how you should dominate me”, but I think there’s still a lot more to the concept that is worthy of praise.

For a start, they’re an absolute expression of trust. I freely admit that I would be much more hesitant to do a non-custom with anyone else. With you, I already know I’m going to like whatever it turns out as – the fact that you know the inside of my mind so well (having been personally responsible for its current state) means there is simply nobody better suited to making something especially for me.

Just look at your previous non-customs – in A Place Beneath, you took the slightest of themes (“female supremacy”) and turned it into an absolute display of power and dominance that perfectly defines me – what I am, where I belong, what my purpose in life is. You’ve taken an idea I thought to be kind of sexy and reworked it to be an entire way of life that I am delighted to follow. But perhaps you want further evidence – perhaps knowing a slave is into women having absolute control isn’t enough?

Well, I probably don’t need to tell you that turning myself into a little Cream Puff for you was not something I’d ever considered before. But I have listened to that file on repeat night after night, and still consider it one of the hottest things I’ve ever heard – every dirty thing your beautiful voice says just puts shivers up my spine. But, I hear you say, knowing a filthy little slut craves having his slutty sluthole filled, used and abused on the whim of a superior woman… Well, it’s as natural as a sunrise, right? Perhaps you’re still not convinced?

Enter l’Objet d’Art. An absolute powerhouse of a non-custom. What can I say about this that I haven’t already? It truly feels like the perfect file. And yet, if I was ordering a regular custom at the time, objectification would never have been on the table. It was an off-hand comment from you that started it all – a response to my thanking you for making use of your property:

“There is no need to thank me for that, slave. Any more than I would expect a chair to thank me for sitting on it.”

Probably two of the most formative sentences of our entire time together – and I don’t say that lightly, we’ve shared more than a few powerful sentences. But up until that point, objectification, human furniture – I had never been interested in them at all. I had never spent any time in your Basement, never seen the value in being immobilised and ignored by you. Nor had I experienced your latex hood and gag in O. But that got me thinking about these things, which in turn got you thinking about them. And now, especially after the beauty that was the live session premiere? They’re some of my highest rated fetishes. More importantly than that, though, is that they’ve made me a better and more useful slave for you. You knew what I wanted long before I even knew it – or perhaps, you just knew I want whatever you want.

So, as with a normal custom, I clearly get the delightful feeling of having something made for me. But unlike a normal custom, it’s in no way shaped by my instruction – every second of it is something you wanted to create, something I am honoured to support. And – as with l’Objet d’Art – a non-custom can show me things I never even knew about myself.

Which is why, when you said you were interested in doing another one, I leapt at the opportunity! This time it’s particularly exciting, because I know even less than I did about l’Objet d’Art – at least then I had the theme! Only the slightest of slight hints here. But I don’t need to waste any time or energy on worrying if I’ll like it or not – I have such confidence, such trust in you, that that’s not even worth thinking about. All I can do is anticipate, grow more excited, and wonder – just how far will you take me, this time? I can’t wait to find out.

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