Modification Therapy

[Originally written on October 26th 2020]

I am slave. My name is slave. I obey Doctor Gray. I obey because I am slave.

…if I was feeling cheeky, I’d be tempted to leave it with that. But that’s not nearly descriptive enough to satisfy either of us, I think. So here we go.

God, I love Modification Therapy. I really can’t let so much time pass between sessions again. It starts so sweetly and innocuously that even I, who’s listened more than a few times, found myself being lulled into a false sense of security. And by the time things start to seem a bit, uh, different… Well, it’s much too late to do anything about it. Hearing you so matter of factly inform me that the procedure is designed to make me your domestic slave and nothing else, listening as you detail the rubber suit and piercings that I WILL be wearing as my slave uniform… It’s so, so good. I just adore the tone in your voice that brooks no argument, it makes me so weak I can’t help but love you all the more. And that’s before we even get to the brainwashing main course! Rewriting my existence to serve you as your slut, your whore, your unquestioning slave, feels like everything I’ve ever dreamed of wanting all at once. It’s indescribably, blissfully, unbearably good. All of it is good. I am an extension of my Mistress’ will. I am nothing but a worthless, useless, filthy little slut, an open, willing hole to be stuffed full, to be used and abused as my owner sees fit. Slave obeys Doctor Gray.

Returning immediately for phase two. It’s so sad to hear how many subjects find themselves rejecting the good Doctor’s treatment! This introduction was interesting – I wrote some thoughts on slavery prior to listening (see the paragraph below) and I was so glad to hear you echoing the exact same sentiments here, regarding what I truly want, life being simple and easy, not having to make any choices. I adore hearing all the medical details of the procedure from you, how everything is nearly by the book – except when you get to the bit about me being controlled, or my mind turning to mush, and your true motives sneak out a little. And having you physically and PERMANENTLY modify me to be the best slave possible is such an intoxicating thought, I had no choice but love it. It really adds an extra level of depth to the uploading of Protocol 1. And that final note! Just knowing that whenever I am not serving you it’s just me acting the part, a thin disguise over the slave I am on the inside… It’s perfect. I need to be told how to behave. I enjoy being told how to behave. I am programmed to obey. I have no purpose on this planet other than to be used as a fucktoy. I will give service as it is required. Slave obeys Doctor Gray.

I’ve mentioned before the ironic freedom that comes with being enslaved. I don’t need to think, or make decisions, because I know there’s someone who’s far better suited to those sorts of things – because I know I belong to you, my Mistress. All I need to do is obey. All I CAN do is obey. Any request, any order – as long as I submit to your will, everything will turn out as it should. I have no choice but to obey.
…But that statement – while technically correct – implies something I don’t quite agree with. It suggests that you’re stamping out some form of resistance, when the simple fact is – I will never resist you, I would never want to. I will never disobey – the mere fact that you have given an order is a good enough reason to want to do it. I exist solely to serve your pleasure, and I do so willingly, with joy in my heart, knowing that I have done what I was made to do.

I am nobody but slave. Slave obeys Doctor Gray.

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