Brainless for Mistress

[Originally written on August 28th 2020]

Good morning, Mistress!
Thank you once again, I hope you enjoyed making use of me! I thought it was an absolute delight, so much so that I really had no choice but to continue on with the equally delightful l’Objet d’Art.

Not to sound too much like a kink sommelier, but it pairs exquisitely with the Hush – really the perfect combination to get completely brainless to. And while it isn’t quite as intense, it does remind me of the session with you, where I listened to it for the first time.

Stuffed full, harnessed and collared, mouth held open so all I could do is make those little moans, while you used and abused your toy as you pleased. All the while, your beautiful voice in my head, reminding me that yes, I do love this, and yes, I was made for it.

Yes, this is my purpose.
Yes, I am your slave.

Your plaything, your object – serving you so desperately because my pleasure comes only from your pleasure, and your pleasure is everything to me, always and in all ways. Submitting so eagerly, obeying without question, without thought, there is no thought, no mind here, just the satisfaction that can only come from servitude, from being useful to you. All that I am is the need to please you, to amuse you – the endless desire to exist as your property, to live out my life on my knees before you, exactly where I belong. Empty and blank, mindless and happy, merely existing in the incomparable bliss of being a slave to your pleasure.

And I love it. More than anything else, more than I could ever have dreamed. It feels so… natural, and good, and right, living to make you happy. So thank you, Mistress Charlotte.

Yours, forever.

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