Back-to-back-to-back Sessions

[Originally written August 12th 2020]

So, tonight I was given a task. Three sessions in a row, back to back to back, all while collared and stuffed with the Hush (synced to the sessions, of course – isn’t technology incredible?). Which sessions I listened to was up to me – what a generous Mistress, to allow me such a choice!

I’m writing this now immediately after having finished – the Hush is still in, buzzing away, and her collar still gripping me tightly. I’ve actually gotten quite accustomed to it; in fact, until I wrote this I’d just about forgotten about it! Being restrained seems to be becoming my natural state… and I like it.

The first session I listened to was A Place Beneath. It’s an absolute classic, honestly, laying out in no uncertain terms that I exist to serve women, that I was born to be enslaved to Mistress Charlotte, that my purpose is to bring her pleasure however she deems fit. This is all etched into my mind by now, naturally, but there’s something about the way she just says it so outright, so matter-of-factly, that gets me every single time. Like, of course my pleasure exists only as a derivative of hers, how could I have ever thought otherwise? To be so obviously owned by someone else is a truly special feeling, all the moreso when she clearly knows exactly how to use it to make me squirm with need.

And speaking of being owned! The second session was l’Objet d’Art, which, wow. I could write on and on about this one (and maybe I will, sometime!) but for now, suffice to say it’s ridiculously good. Expounding the many virtues of being a slave for Mistress – a mere toy, a plaything, a conscious object. No mind, no thoughts, only obedience, submission, service in its purest, most beautiful form. Existing to be used as Mistress sees fit – not a person, but a thing. God, I’m getting carried away just thinking about it! It’s simply perfect. And those delicious fantasies she describes in the most tantalising detail! Coffee table, towel rack, footstool… Suspended art piece to be teased and tormented by Mistress and her friends, or under-desk slut, simply happy to be of service… Being useful is such a joy in and of itself. Being her slave, being used for her pleasure – obeying any order, without complaint – is simply unparalleled. And I will forever be grateful to her for showing me that. An object, a toy, a thing.

And finally, there was O. Despite not being a custom, and it being written several years before I first met Mistress Charlotte, it still feels like it was laser-targeted directly to who I am. Only… I doubt I would have had this reaction even a few years ago. Latex hoods, heavy breath play, absolute helplessness, being called a slut? All grade-A fantasies to me now, but that certainly hasn’t always been the case! It’s only through being with Mistress, having her expand my horizons, that I can look back at this and say “yes! I do want a beautiful woman to take away my control, choke me out, and call me a slut!”.
…how brave of me.

Special thanks to the Hush for just generally increasing the intensity of everything it’s involved with! It’s an absolutely lovely little toy – without a doubt one of the better things to unthinkingly mention in a fantasy to your Mistress so she makes you buy one. Still buzzing away, btw – you can blame it for any particularly rambly bits.

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