Add More To Her Life Than You Take

[Originally written on August 24th 2020]

There’s this typical fantasy around being an owned slave, where you’re living in Mistress’s house, constantly being ordered around and used as she pleases, as she controls every part of your life. Sleep in a cage! Eat from a bowl, dog! Dust her shelves! Just don’t do a bad job, or you might get punished

Now, I’ll admit, that does sound like a hell of a good time to me. But think about it from her perspective. Do you want her to be sharing her own home with this slave – often rent-free in these fantasies – and micro-managing every part of his life? She’d never get anything done!

I don’t think I was ever naïve enough to dream of ending up in such a situation. Hell, I never really thought I’d end up an owned slave at all! But now that I am, I try and conduct things according to one simple idea.

Add more to her life than you take.

This is about as simple as it sounds – just don’t be a drain! If you’re a pest who just spams her DMs asking to play, don’t be surprised when she doesn’t respond. Instead, try starting some polite, interesting conversation. Ask how her day has gone, talk about her interests. Be respectful – somebody she might enjoy having in her life. And remember, her time is valuable – so compensate her!

There will be times when your Mistress is busy – this is called “having a life”, and is totally normal. Remember, as divine as she may be, your Mistress is still a person, and sometimes people have to do things that don’t revolve around you, or your dick. When I know Mistress has a lot going on, I like to check in every now and then to make sure she’s doing ok. The key part is to do so without pressuring her to respond – if you’re messaging twice a day “just to see how you’re doing”, you’re most likely going to be more annoying than anything else. Again – just be respectful! A quick message with a small tribute will go a long way.

If you act more like a person than you do a slave, and build a genuine relationship based on respect, you’ll find she will make more of a slave of you than you could dream in any fantasy.
…at least, that’s been my experience. ❤

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