Service and Sluttery

Hi there! I’m a slut.

I have a name, too (it’s Morgan) but that’s not really important right now.

Originally, this was just a place to store things I’ve written for my Mistress, the wonderful Charlotte Gray. They were just unceremoniously dumped on Pastebin, but frankly it was just kinda ugly to look at, and she deserves better than that. As time has passed, though, it has evolved into a fully-fledged slave blog, with updates at least once a week. If you like what you see, drop your email down below to get notified when I post a new thing, or follow me on Twitter to get that and a bunch of other stuff.

Everything that you see and read here is only possible because I was able to do it at the feet of my Mistress. So if anything here sounds good to you, then you really ought to check her work out. She’s on Twitter @LaceLibertine and you can find a link to her site below, where she has every file I’ve ever mentioned here.

Latest from the Blog

…and then, the fire bell rang (Resolutions, Day 181)

So! If your name doesn’t start with an M and end with “istress Charlotte”, you may be wondering where the last few blogs are. Well, I still wrote them! They’re just password-protected, for Mistress eyes only. They were a bit… personal, I guess. Plus, this blog started because I wanted somewhere to put writing I…

And… Breathe. (Resolutions, Day 176)

…hello? Are we all ok? Let me just do a quick headcount – I think everybody’s here. Alright! I think we survived the storm! Indeed, it seems the worst of the hyper-horny – or “Breeding Season” as it is more commonly known – is behind us now. Honestly, I say “worst”, but let me be…

There Are No Words (Resolutions, Day 175)

And yet, I’m probably about to write a lot of them. Do you recall yesterday’s blog, dear reader? Where I started writing about how Mistress and I had been constantly talking back and forth about breeding kink, and ended with an entire fantasy that had jumped into my head from her words? I remember that.…

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