Service and Sluttery

Hi there! I’m a slut.

I have a name, too (it’s Morgan) but that’s not really important right now.

Originally, this was just a place to store things I’ve written for my Mistress, the wonderful Charlotte Gray. They were just unceremoniously dumped on Pastebin, but frankly it was just kinda ugly to look at, and she deserves better than that. As time has passed, though, it has evolved into a fully-fledged slave blog, with updates at least once a week. If you like what you see, drop your email down below to get notified when I post a new thing, or follow me on Twitter to get that and a bunch of other stuff.

Everything that you see and read here is only possible because I was able to do it at the feet of my Mistress. So if anything here sounds good to you, then you really ought to check her work out. She’s on Twitter @LaceLibertine and you can find a link to her site below, where she has every file I’ve ever mentioned here.

Latest from the Blog

Soufflé Quest #4 (Resolutions, Day 133)

Another day, another soufflé. The first one made with my new hand mixer, in fact! And let me tell you – god damn, those things are quick. Possibly even a little too quick, as we’ll see later on. But it’s really impressive – turned what feels like 10+ minutes of whisking into, like, less than…

Control (Resolutions, Day 132)

Control is, perhaps unsurprisingly, one of my favourite concepts when it comes to D/s dynamics and relationships. I just received an email from Anne O Nomis regarding her BDSM bottom survey(s) which I filled in… months ago? The linear passage of time strikes once again. Anyway, she was emailing regarding something I had mentioned about…

Soufflé Quest #3 (Resolutions, Day 131)

Straight into it again today! Now that I know I can (more or less) adapt this four-soufflé recipe to make batches of one, I can try again multiple days in a row without giving myself soufflé poisoning! So, that’s great. I made sure to prepare properly beforehand this time – got the eggs out of…

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